24 Oct 2011

Autumn thoughts

The weather has definitely shifted now, the days are shorter, & colder. The leaves are scattering themselves liberally across the ground, & the winter coats have come out for our trips to the beach.
And as always at this time of year, it makes me feel like having a clear out...ready to settle down for the winter. The darker, quieter months, when you look forward to cosy evenings snuggled under a blanket to read a book, or hearty roast dinners, & then of course...things like mulled wine, & mince pies!

I too am feeling some personal changes coming upon me... thoughts are shifting about the direction my life is going in, including my art & career.
I feel like all my thoughts & dreams & wishes have been thrown up in the air, but not yet fallen back down to earth yet. So I cannot see what pattern they will form. But I think they will soon.

I have spent the last few weeks playing with my new DSLR camera, & reading lots of books & tutorials to help me get to grips with it. I have always loved photography, but never enough to take up as a proper hobby. This is the most in depth I've been with regards to the technical side, but I am enjoying it. And that's the important part!
Perhaps I'll do something with my photographs...prints maybe? Who knows.
I have set up a Flickr account to share my photographic journey with fellow photographers... it would be lovely to see you there! 

I have also been working on a trilogy of Christmas inspired mixed media paintings. Have almost finished the first 2, but here is a sneaky peek to give you an idea of what to expect...

There is lots of gold leaf involved too! :)
So until next time, I wish you a happy Autumn... 


Julia Christie said...

I think for me too, autumn is always a season for reflection. I am off on a trip to the coast in the next couple of weeks to reflect and think about my art and what I should do with it.
Love your descriptions of cosy nights and mulled wine...Yum! I hope I visit Cornwall someday and run into you at a tea shop and share a creamed tea!!! Heaven!

Smiles and thanks for this glimpse into what you've been doing.

ruthie said...

Hi Julia, it has shifted hasn't it, there is a real chill in the air up here & I have been lighting the fire. happy sigh.

I do just the same as you, have a good clear out in the house & in my head. It must be something in the air causing this shifting do you think? I've been feeling it to and im waiting for all my pieces to land lol, not sure which direction I am heading.

Looks like you are having wonderful fun with your camera, Im loving mine too. Do you find you are looking at things with new eyes?

Can't wait to see your new paintings, the peek looks yum x x

Jae Fae in Avalon said...

I love the snuggliness of the darker nights too. More moon as well :)) It is a time for drawing in and for contemplation and creativity.

I love seeing your sea photos :)