12 Feb 2011

February news

Where has this week gone? I've a feeling February will be slipping through my fingers before I know it :)
I did reveal the winner & runner up for my prize draw on my facebook page... congrats to Marianne Hall & Jessica Stride!
It's always fun to do a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for more :)

In other news I have a new website design for my main site
I enjoyed creating this one & hopefully it will stay for a while :)

It's that time of year when us gardeners start to long for the spring sun & a bit of warmth... I had a trip to the garden centre last weekend & stocked up on new seeds :) I just love having windowsills covered in teeny tiny green shoots & can't wait to get started.
Whilst there, I also found the ideal newspaper...what do you think? :)


Rowan said...

If only there were more newspapers like this! I've stopped reading the newspapers and watching the news - I'm an ostrich I suppose but I fail to see why all news has to be bad news! The media don't seem interested in reporting good things.I'd rather think about spring coming and all the new life appearing everywhere:)
I wonder if Positive News is just a local affair or is it available nationally?

Jessie said...

Thanks Julia! :)I do like the title of that newspaper very much indeed. What a refreshing change. I need to start thinking about little seedlings soon, is it really that time already?xx

Angela Bell said...

I always read Positive News as a balance! Congrats on your award!