15 Oct 2010

Secret Of The Greenwitch

*An illustration inspired by the book 'Greenwitch', by Susan Cooper*
To read more about 'Greenwitch' click HERE

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"Out here last year, she and Barney and Simon had reached the peak of their adventure, the achieving of the grail that had lain for hundreds of years in a cave, the entrance totally covered by water at all but the lowest tides. Out here, they had fled from the pursuing Dark, with the grail and the little lead case they had found inside it.
And out here, she thought as she reached the furthest point of the rocks, with the waves breaking white at her feet, just here, in the flurry of saving the grail, the little lead case had plummented into the waves & down to the bottom of the sea.
And the Greenwitch had found it there, and made it a precious secret.
Jane looked at the deep green water beyond the breaking waves. "Good bye Greenwitch," she said softly."

" 'You'm dreaming,' Mr Penhallow said indulgently.
'That I'm not. But that young Jane was, one night. That same night everyone was dreaming, the night the whole village was hilla-ridden...such talk there was next morning, of things best forgotten..."

" 'Twasn't her dreaming that stays with me,' Mrs Penhallow looked out at the quiet harbour, and the drifting gulls. 'Twas her room. Clean as a pin it was the night before, she'm a neat little maid. But everwhere in that room, that morning, there was a great mess of twigs and leaves, hawthorn leaves, and rowan.
And everywhere a great smell of the sea.' "

'Secret Of The Greenwitch'


A book from 'The Dark Is Rising Sequence' which as regular readers of this blog will know, has been a big love of mine since childhood. Especially now I live in deepest darkest Cornwall, surrounded by settings used in the books. :)
It is also the original inspiration for my 'Storybook Cornwall' series, and so this is probably one of the most meaningful paintings I've ever done.
'Greenwitch' holds a magic for me like no other story.


Lisa Hunt said...

I love seeing you paint!

Carol said...

This is stunning, Julia! Magnifico!

Angela Bell said...

They are great books,as a librarian I can say that they are a perennial favourite. lovely illustrations!

Angela Bell said...

They are great books still very popular in the library .really magical and what lovely illustrations.

Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely piece
I can feel the breeze
smell the sea air

A mermaid in the attic said...

Beautiful Painting! My favourite books as a child (along with the Narnia books). I still have the boxed set and I still pull them out and read them again every now and then, they hold up well!

Julia Guthrie said...

Thank you Lisa :) x

Carol, thanks hon x :)

Angela, aww I'm so glad. I bought the 'Sequence' as an 11 yr old & I read it at least once a yr! lol
Still do...& recently Hubby gifted me with a brand new copy for reading (the old friend has been put in the bookcase) :) lol

Tammie, thank you!!xx

Christina, aww yes me too! Those childhood faves never lose their magic do they?
Thank you xxx

Jessie said...

It's absolutely enchanted Julia! I can imagine myself whisked away to the cornish coast looking at this. :) xx

Yarrow said...

Such a lovely picture and the story of your inspiration is very poignant. Love it :D

Beth Niquette said...

Hello there! I was so charmed by your artwork--I would like to feature you next Tuesday for FAT (Featured Art Tuesday) Artist Spotlight next week.

Are you game? Let me know--I am as of this moment an avid fan.


Julia Guthrie said...

Hi Beth, that is such a lovely suggestion...absolutely I am up for it!!
Thank you :)x

Moon said...

What stunning art! You always amaze me!

Molly Laurel said...

Read the first in the Dark is Rising series because of this post; thoroughly enjoyed it! Will be borrowing the rest from the local library. :)

Julia Guthrie said...

Oh Molly, thanks for telling me that! So glad you enjoyed it too. I guarantee you'll love the rest aswell :) x