28 Aug 2009

I'm feeling generous

Well, Autumn is definately on it's way now. The air has that crispness to it again & the sun is gradually sinking back down on the horizon. I daresay we might have a few more warm days here & there, but I think that's pretty much it for Summer this year :)
So, we turn our thoughts to wooly jumpers & swapping the flipflops for socks... & what better time of year to have a good clutter clear?
If anyone has heard of the wonderful Denise Linn, you will know that she is big on clutter clearing for the soul. If some area of your life is stuck, do some clutter clearing in your house to get the energy moving freely again.
Denise has a saying... "If you don't love it, or use it, it's clutter!" So as I sit here with my cup of coffee, listening to the wind buffeting the house & rattling the windows, my mind is daydreaming about my 'future' art studio...a large room with easy access storage for everything... a floor devoid of boxes & stacks of books. A large cupboard into which I can stash all the piles of paper that seem to accumulate overnight! LOL
I do blast through here every few months & bin lots, but there is just too much I need to hang onto most of the time :)
Some things must go however...

I have recently added a section to my website (shop) for commissions & the sale of Original artwork. I currently have a few older paintings (un-matted) listed, as I really need to clear our some space in my art drawer! (well, it's a start right?)
I have already sold 'A New Dawn' to one of my newest, but most fabulous customer's, & I am happy it has gone to such a lovely new home.

I have also added a section for my Giclee Prints & bookmarks, although I haven't yet gotten the bookmark images uploaded (so please visit my Bookmark online shop for those at 'The Folded Corner').


I would also like to have a little Autumn giveaway, as it's been too long since the last one!:) I am thinking of making a little goody bag of bits & bobs, & perhaps throwing in a card reading using the gorgeous 'Triple Goddess' card deck I have been practising with :)
So if you would like to be entered into this draw please leave me a comment, (feel free to mention your favourite artwork in case you win) & in a week or two, hopefully, I shall have had time to put something lovely together for a winner!

22 Aug 2009

Seaside tales

The other weekend we had an afternoon relaxing at the beach. It was perfect weather, beautiful & warm, but not too sunny. We lay on our blanket with a picnic, happily snoozing in the warm breeze, listening to the waves crashing.
We looked up to the cliff behind us to see 2 Hawks hovering on the air was totally amazing! I could see how it was keeping itself balanced with it's wings, while keeping it's head perfectly still.
I did some sketching but I forgot to take my coloured pencils so it didn't go as well as I hoped...

I enjoyed wandering about finding things to take photos of. I particularly liked this little 'beach' setup...

At one point a helicopter appeared over the headland & flew over, it was clearly looking for someone as it flew very low along the coastline.
Helicopters aren't that unusual as Helston is home to RNAS Culdrose, one of Europe's largest Helicopter bases, & they also provide 'search & rescue' service for the Southwest, but they don't normally follow the beach so it's always fun to see them so close up.

There's nothing like a snooze on a beach...

7 Aug 2009

A little break from painting

I have plenty of sketches & ideas on the go, but recently in my spare moments I have been putting my attention to another important side of my life. I am very into the whole 'metaphysical & Spiritual' lifestyle, & have followed it since I was a teenager. My art does reflect that of course, so it won't be a suprise to you I'm sure!:)
Many years ago I started to learn how to read tarot & give intuitive readings. It took a backseat for some years, & now I am starting to become more interested in doing that again.
I have always used Oracle cards & my intuition in my own everyday life, but not considered giving readings for other people.

A couple of years ago when I first had the idea for my Oracle deck *in progress*, I had pondered that it might be nice to be able to offer 'readings' with the deck as well as purchasing it as a deck or art prints etc, but it was more of a passing whimsy at the time.
Now I think that may be more of an option, as I have been recieving readings from some friends lately which inspired me to 'practise' giving readings for others!

I recently purchased an amazing Tarot deck that I have wanted for a couple of years. It's 'The Triple Goddess Tarot' by Isha Lerner (stunning artwork by Mara Friedman) & it just sends shivers down my spine to use it! It's very earthy & shamanic & I do feel very connected to it.
I have used it for myself & a few of my friends this past week & I am recieving some amazing feedback(some close friends & others are people I don't know a great deal about). I just now got an email back regarding one I did today, & I am quite overwhelmed by her response. It never fails to amaze me just how many aspects are so meaningful to the person I am reading for!

So, forgive me for dragging my heels with new artwork, but I promise you it will all be worth it when I can also offer Intuitive readings alongside the artwork I produce (and there is a chakra series being sketched out already! :) ).