14 Apr 2012

Come on over... the kettle is on & I've made cakes!

Hello lovely followers & friends... just wanted to pop in to remind you all that my blog has moved.
I hope you'll come over & follow my new one... it's bigger & better & way more shiny :D

And if you are a Tumblr fan, I have just started a mini blog there too... just for fun :)
Let me know if you're on Tumblr too so I can follow you!

15 Jan 2012

Moving my blog...

This blog has been a wonderful home for the last few years, but now it's time to move...just down the
I hope you'll all come & join me for much more chatter, art, crafts, photography & much more!
On the new site I will be adding even more in depth details about beautiful scenic & historic walks around West Cornwall, & I have some guest bloggers lined up to chat about all the subjects close to my heart!

Brand new blog design... brand new year... brand new content... don't forget to follow me, or join my facebook page to keep up with new posts!
Thanks to all who have kept me company here, & anyone new who may happen upon this blog in future. I look forward to seeing you over the road >>>> :D


22 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas!

*Don't forget to come & join in the fun with me at

20 Dec 2011

Winter Solstice

And so it rolls around again.
A week until Christmas, & then the spring clean that inevitably happens when you feel like you need a fresh start to go with the new year ahead :)
I'm already planning a new combined website & blog...I hope to get it set up over the festive period. 
I no longer want to label myself as purely 'ARTIST'... I am a creative soul with many strings to my bow & I've decided I would much rather combine all of my hobbies, career, & loves under one roof.

*Art*Photography*Driftwood creations*Storytelling*Poetry*Crafts*Spiritual/Metaphysical* 

And probably much more! I hope to include tutorials & guest bloggers too, So please keep your eyes peeled for that... :)

I have just finished the final 'urgent' commission of the season,
So I have spent a day tidying up my 'cave' of a studio...which I've not had a chance to do in months, & aside from packing things up to post, my muse is free to get back to work on another commission & sort through all the lovely driftwood I gathered at the beach last weekend.
It was the best haul I've ever had, & I already have people on a waiting list for windchimes & driftwood hearts. 
Can't wait to get my drill out again... I see every unique bit of smooth, holey driftwood as treasure from the sea :)
I'd have made a rubbish Pirate quite frankly... lol

I wish you all a wonderful & peaceful Christmas, & a New Year full of hope & inspiration. And I'll leave you with 2 of my recent commissions ... 


'The Watchers'

24 Nov 2011

Heartfelt gifts

Last week I was the lucky recipient of something beautiful...

This pair of earrings arrived at a moment when I definitely needed something good to happen!
And what a synchronistic message they held :)
'Love' & 'Joy'
The perfect reminder .

Stephanie creates 'Naturally Heartfelt' products, from jewellery to journals all made from vintage & reclaimed materials.
'Naturally Heartfelt' can be found at...

The weather is growing colder, after a very warm November...thankfully, I wasn't a fan of last years early snow! :)
My trips to the beach are sadly lessened due to the dark evenings, but last Sunday I made up for it by visiting 3 individual coves in one day. They are all within a few minutes of eachother & yet each one so different.
I found some fabulous sea kissed treasures for my 'driftwood collection' they are *below*, after a wash in the back garden to get the sand off, they now have to dry off before I use them!
 I do have lots of little items on the go & hope to unveil them soon :)
Meanwhile... I shall share with you my latest bread success...
This is called 'Tiger Bread' ( or Dutch crunch bread...Tijgerbrood) & it's regular white bread with a fabulous crackle topping made of yeast, sesame oil & Rice flour!
I was very happy with how mine turned out... Yum yum! I plan to make some Tiger rolls this week too :)

6 Nov 2011

Autumn Dragonflies

We made the most of some Autumn sun today & went for a Sunday afternoon walk.
Caught some pretty Dragonflies enjoying the rare warmth too.

4 Nov 2011


I have 2 new driftwood mobiles/ windchimes made & in my Etsy shop :)
This one is a real beauty...a larger one than usual, with so much character.
Driftwood windchime

Driftwood windchime

Driftwood windchime

You can purchase it here...

Driftwood mobile

Driftwood mobile

Driftwood mobile

This one is the baby of two :) She is available here...
And I am always happy to create custom mobiles, or other driftwood creations for you. Just drop me an email & let me know if you'd like something.

On the subject of commissions, I have almost finished a few commitments, & so if anyone was considering a commissioned painting, please see the purchasing & commissions page *points up to top of the page* for details! 

2 Nov 2011

Photo art

With the recent arrival of my Nikon camera has come a renewed interest in photography. I have also been quite keen to play around with some photos in photoshop & perfect the 'old' & 'antiqued' look, amongst others.
I had a play with one of my recent photos of Porthleven harbour, using photoshop & a beautiful wood texture photo from the lovely & very talented Carolyn Saxby. 
I am quite liking the result :)


*Click to view larger*
To view the original photo visit my Flickr page...
You can find Carolyn on Flickr & her beautiful blog :)

30 Oct 2011

Winter Moon & other tales

'Winter Moon'
Mixed media - watercolour, acrylic, pastel, tissue paper & gold leaf
*Based on the song 'The 12 days of Christmas*

'My True Love Gave To Me'
Mixed media - watercolour, acrylic, pastel, tissue paper & gold leaf
*Based on the song 'The 12 days of Christmas*

A 3rd painting is on the way... this is part of a trilogy that I am painting for myself & my Husband. I have 3 simple black frames awaiting them :)
Lots of texture in these with the scrunched tissue paper laid on as the snow (& her cloak), then painted over. And I enjoyed keeping the colour scheme to the same few colours. Made a nice change for me!

26 Oct 2011

Peaceful evenings

There is something quite peaceful & magical about working in the studio at night. Even with a radio on, everything feels so still & quiet.
Sometimes my Husband works late, so I get to make the most of my extra time working up there.
Of course, it's extra nice when there is Mulled wine to keep me company....
I am editing some photos of my 2 new paintings (mentioned in my previous post), so hope to have them up here very soon! 
Last weekend we braved the wild winds & leaden skies to bask in the sea air.
Wave energy is good for the soul